HR Manager’s Guide To Profit Sharing In Canada

HR Manager’s Guide to Profit Sharing in Canada is a practical guide to designing and implementing a profit-sharing plan in your company, with little or no help from external advisors.

  • explains how to involve, motivate and reward employees - and improve corporate performance - without increasing fixed costs;
  • covers types of plans; how to decide which employees are eligible; how to divide up the profits among them; tax advantages and implications, communication to employees, plan administration and much more;
  • explains all the issues in clear, non-technical language;
  • includes helpful checklists of topics that need to be discussed and reviewed at each stage of design and implementation;
  • provides sample plans and a resource list of organizations to contact for further information and professional help;
  • includes a CD containing spreadsheets of various allocation formulas readers can use to calculate "what-if" scenarios.

EXCERPTS FROM BOOK REVIEW (of first edition)

"Tyson's a valuable, practical resource for any organization considering a profit-sharing plan" "Tyson is clear in his language and provides definitions that help the reader grasp plan subtleties." "the book provides an excellent framework of a detailed workplan." Jenelle Ross CCP - ACA News, January 1997, page 20. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! To order your copy, contact Carswell using one of the following options:

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