10 Best Toji Fushiguro Quotes From the 'Jujutsu Kaisen' Manga & Anime (2024)

The principal antagonist of Gojo’s Past Arc, Toji Fushiguro, is a character that attracts many people’s attention. This makes sense, seeing how he was the only known character who defeated Gojo. We have already provided you with many articles about Toji Fushiguro, and this one will continue that trend as we will dig into Toji Fushiguro’s personality and overall role in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. He is an exceptionally interesting character; in that aspect, he certainly deserves to be analyzed and explored.

This list will include a total of the best 10 Toji Fushiguro quotes you need to know from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to list them here for you and also explain the context and the meaning a bit.

1. “I don’t know what happened, but my body is special.”

Toji Fushiguro was, in a way, a miracle. The guy had absolutely no cursed energy due to his Heavenly Restriction but was superhuman and so powerful that he managed to defeat Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto quickly.

He is a unique case whose cursed energy was completely depleted, becoming 0, but probably because of that, he was able to gain tremendous powers, as the quantity of power he received was obviously proportional to the quantity of cursed energy his lost. That is why his body was, indeed, truly special.

2. “Who do you think you are to give orders as you please?”

Toji’s story with his family is a tragic one of rejection and abuse, but it forces Toji to learn how to be his own person. He was skilled enough to be in high demand, and because of that, he could actually make the conditions and decide which missions he would take on and under which conditions.

He despised any authority, and this quote perfectly illustrates how firm he was when that principle was concerned. Toji did not like being ordered around, and not respecting that could get a person in big trouble.

3. “I was hoping to finish you off with that strike. Must be getting rusty.”

Toji’s fight with Gojo was truly amazing. Both visually and in terms of their powers and abilities, the fight was a true wonder, and this is why this quote will not remain the only one focused on that aspect of Toji’s story.

This was praise aimed at Gojo, who managed to survive being stabbed in the chest by Toji. Toji thought it would be enough, but Gojo is Gojo, and of course, he managed to save himself. He also survived being massacred by Toji, so a simple blow to the chest certainly would not do it for him. This was when Toji realized he would have to change his approach to that battle.

4. “Time to wrap things up now. Alright, good show.”

Toji knew the limits of his powers, but he also knew his strengths. He was a narcissistic fellow that cannot be denied, and while he definitely did not overestimate his skills and abilities, he still liked to look down on his opponents and treat them with little to no respect.

This quote is actually a great illustration of that fact, as his opponent, if you remember, wasn’t someone weak. In fact, as far as the manga is concerned, Toji never had an easy opponent, so there was really no objective basis for such a comment, yet – Toji being Toji, he made it. We decided to include this one since this is such an important part of his personality.

5. “An invisible man’s gonna have invisible guts, right?”

When Suguru Geto wondered how Toji broke through the barriers, he explained that he was invisible to the sorcerers due to zero cursed energy, but his Inventory Curse wasn’t. That is why he actually swallowed the Inventory Curse while he was avoiding the barriers, as the curse became invisible as well while she was inside Toji.

This quote both explains his powers and shows just how intelligent he was, despite looking like a brute and a bully. Even Geto couldn’t comprehend this without an explanation, while Toji was able to come up with this while he was preparing his own tactical approach, which was a touch of pure genius.

6. “‘I don’t work for free.’ That’s what I would always say before making a run for it. But now the awakened power of the Limitless stands before me. He’s probably the greatest sorcerer alive. I wanted to discredit it. To crush it. The pinnacle of the Jujutsu world and the Zen’in family. I wanted this for self-affirmation. And I deviated from my true self. At that point, I had already lost.”

This was a final comment after his loss to Gojo; a comment addressed to himself. He scolded himself for being too vain and putting his ambition before the goal. He thought he would have won if he had approached the fight using his brains, not his vanity.

He probably wouldn’t have, but the fight would have lasted longer. Toji knew that as well. He knew that his professionalism and his focus secured him the status he had, and once he had lost that, and in one of the most important fights of his life, there was little he could do against an enemy of Satoru Gojo’s caliber, and that is why he lost.

7. “I killed Satoru Gojo.”

This one might seem a bit strange about the previous one, but Gojo and Toji had two fights. And while Toji lost and got killed in the second, he actually won the first, and he firmly believed that he had killed Gojo at that time. And we cannot blame him – he literally massacred Gojo in a way that would have killed everyone else.

But not Gojo. This quote was said to Geto when Geto wondered where Gojo was since Toji came to him and killed Riko before him. It was both a taunt and a statement from Toji’s perspective and another example of his personality.

8. “But you guys, with all your blessed talents, lost to a monkey like me who can’t even use Jujutsu.”

This is an interesting and very true quote, as Toji really had no cursed energy whatsoever, despite being born in the powerful Zenin clan. He was rejected and belittled by his own family, even though the Heavenly Restriction he had gave him other supernatural powers that made him powerful enough to wipe out the whole Zenin clan with all their cursed energy.

This is why Toji hated sorcerers, because he thought they were vain and mean, that they looked down on others, and in an ironic twist of his story, he became a character who did exactly that, with this quote being a perfect example of it.

9. “To be proud neither of myself nor others… I chose that path, don’t I?”

This was an insight into Toji’s personal philosophy, and he believed that. Seeing how he had faced rejection each time and did not know what it felt like to experience someone being proud of him, he completely rejected that emotion, and he vowed never to be proud of anyone. And while it was fine that he was never proud of himself, his two children, especially Megumi, suffered significantly because of that.

10. “I don’t care… I don’t care anymore.”

The question of whether Toji gave a damn is an important and interesting one at that. You can find out a lot about that in our other articles about Toji, while here, we’ll just say that it would be great if you thought about this yourselves, as this is one of the major aspects of Toji’s personality that we have to analyze in order to fully understand him as a character.

10 Best Toji Fushiguro Quotes From the 'Jujutsu Kaisen' Manga & Anime (2024)


What is Toji's most famous line? ›

The best Toji quotes. But you guys, with all your blessed talents, lost to a monkey like me who can't even use jujutsu! An invisible man's gonna have invisible guns? Who do you think you are to give order that you please.

What does Toji Fushiguro say? ›

Keeping up with his stoic persona, Toji chose not to utter any final words at first. In his last moments, he thought back to his ex-wife and their son, and decided to tell young Gojo that Megumi would be sold into the Zenin clan in a few years, urging him to do whatever he wanted with this information.

What is the famous phrase in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

1 I Alone Am The Honored One

Currently, “In all the heavens and the earth, I Alone Am The Honored One” is perhaps the most iconic line Satoru Gojo has ever spoken in Jujutsu Kaisen. While many might regard this line as arrogance on Gojo's part, the line is nothing but truth in regard to his unmatched power.

What is Toji Fushiguro's nickname? ›

Toji used the jujutsu knowledge from the Zenin family and turned it against sorcerers, earning him the moniker of "Sorcerer Killer".

What were Toji Fushiguro's last words? ›

He informs Gojo about Megumi's situation. But then instead of directly asking Gojo to save his son, he just says "do as you please", which shows how much he needs to respect himself as a person, making him unable to ask or beg for anything.

Who is Toji's wife JJK? ›

And despite being with countless women after her death, Toji never loved them as much as he loved Megumi's mother. After her death, Toji became a widowed father and eventually married another woman called that Fushiguro, that had a daughter called Tsumiki, wich then became the step-sister of Megumi Fushiguro.

Did Toji love his wife? ›

Anyways, Zen'in Toji left the family when he met Megumi's mom, and he changed his surname and took on his wife's family name. And became Fushiguro Toji. Toji really loved his wife, that when she died, he was left broken and left. Some may think that he was a greedy man who only thought of money.

What did Gojo say to Toji? ›

I have a favor to ask. Can someone who fluent in Japanese translate the line Gojo said to Toji when he fought him a second time to Japanese. "All im feeling right now is the pleasantness of this world. Throughout the heavens and earth I alone am the honored one".

What is the sad quote from JJK? ›

"I'll always be by your side. You and I... we're one in the same." - Yuji Itadori to Junpei Yoshino. "I don't want to live a life where someone else is suffering because of me." - Yuji Itadori.

Why did Toji give Megumi a girl name? ›

Basically the theory says that Toji named Megumi; 'Megumi,' because he genuinely wished Megumi would be born as a girl, or at least without a curse ability so Megumi wouldn't have to be associated with the Zen'in.

Can Toji defeat Sukuna? ›

Considering the arguments presented, it seems that Sukuna would have the upper hand in a direct fight against Toji. Sukuna's overwhelming power, coupled with his cursed techniques, would likely be too much for Toji to counter .

Why did Toji sell Megumi? ›

Toji sold Megumi to the Zenin family, knowing that Megumi had the potential to become a strong jujutsu sorcerer. Before his death, he mentioned this to Gojo. Gojo then interfered and took on Megumi. Toji had a second unnamed wife and she was Tsumiki's mother.

What did Toji say to Gojo? ›

Satoru asks if Toji has any last words. Initially, Toji says he doesn't but after thinking of that woman and Megumi, he decides to tell Satoru that his son will be sold off to the Zenin Family in a few years.

Why is Toji so popular? ›

Toji was originally born into the infamous Zenin clan, one of the 3 main sorcerer families in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. This clan is famous around the world for harboring some of the strongest Jujutsu users and has many powerful cursed techniques passed down through the centuries, such as Megumi's Ten Shadows.

Why is Toji famous? ›

Toji Fushiguro was able to take out two of the strongest sorcerers — Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto — in the entire jujutsu world in a matter of minutes. He was also the only person who came the closest to killing Gojo, who had every card up his sleeve when it came to jujutsu sorcery.

Who is strongest Gojo or Toji? ›

Jujutsu Kaisen Already Confirmed The Full Power Of The Only Man Who Beat Gojo. The Jujutsu Kaisen anime has finally shown the full power of Toji Fushiguro, the only man who has beaten Gojo in a fight thus far in the series. Warning! Contains spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2.

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