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Jujutsu Kaisen has been one of the BEST Anime of all time. And when I say best, I mean “THE BEST”. So, yes the fanbase of this anime created such hype and Jujutsu Kaisen proved its hype! When it comes to fresh characters, strong action, influential life-lessons, Jujutsu Kaisen has to be on top of the list. I mean, we can’t be ungrateful to this anime which made our quarantine better. Oh, so now you know what I’m talking about, right?

With other old legendary anime, Jujutsu Kaisen dominated the anime community with its intriguing plot and even humor! This anime has become one of the best Shonen anime of all time. If you haven’t watched Jujutsu Kaisen (which I doubt) you should definitely watch it!

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (1)

The story of this anime revolves around a high-schooler named Itadori Yuji who goes through certain supernatural events at his school and then ends up joining a powerful secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerers. This was all done to eliminate the trouble our boy had caused to save someone. And that trouble is Ryomen Sukuna! Yes, I’m talking about your husbando!

Anyways, today I’m going to introduce you guys to some of the most POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! These will surely give you life-lessons and might as well want to knock someone out for no reason too. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Ryomen Sukuna Quotes

Sukuna is the curse within our main character, Itadori Yuji. He’s also known as the “king of curses.” He’s a very strong curse and is quite straight-forwarded too!

42. Ryomen Sukuna Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (2)

Itadori’s Quotes

Itadori is the main character of the series. He’s an average high-schooler who goes through weird supernatural events and yes, he’s the one who swallowed a FINGER! Not an average finger, it was a cursed finger! If you want to know more about him, you should definitely watch Jujutsu Kaisen. Let’s see some words of wisdom said by our boy, Itadori Yuji!

41. Itadori Yuji Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (3)

With a lot going on in his life, including his grandfather’s death, Itadori decides to become strong while keeping his grandfather’s words in his mind. His grandfather always advised him to help others and get strong. So, when Itadori goes to join the secret organization of Jujutsu Sorcerers, he says that he doesn’t know how he’ll feel when he’ll die but he doesn’t want to regret the way he lived.

Itadori has always been a motivated, strong-willed, and caring individual. Therefore, his grandfather believed in him when he was on his deathbed. Itadori usually gets driven by emotions but that’s his strength! It allowed him to go to the Jujutsu Sorcerers and learn things from them.

We all face rough times, don’t we? But, we should keep in mind that this life is all we have. We don’t know just yet how we’ll feel when we die but we shouldn’t regret the way we live! That’s why, do that thing which is bothering you these days! Let’s go!

40. Itadori Yuji Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (4)

Our boy really did admit that’s he’s dumb. During one of his fights, he gets pounded on his head and bleeds badly too. At that moment, he says that he’s gonna become even dumber now since his head has been hit.

39. Itadori Yuji Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (5)

It turns out that our main character isn’t dumb at all. He understands the strategies of his enemies. During his fight with Junpei who gets brainwashed by none other than Mahito, he says these words of wisdom and proves his frenemy wrong. It’s sad how the last moments of Junpei were like this.

I personally really admired the friendship of Junpei and Itadori. But Mahito was the cause of the fight. He taught Junpei bad things and ended up making him try to kill everyone at school. Let me tell you why Junpei was brainwashed. He got bullied in high school and had no friends. He met Mahito somehow. And Mahito decided to help him fight but instead, he brainwashed him.

Moving on, we come across a scene where Mahito, Itadori, and Junpei fight. So, basically, this quote is taken from that scene. Itadori is fully triggered and does his best to make things right by fixing his mindset that is messed up by Mahito.

38. Itadori Yuji Quote 4

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (6)

Yuji Itadori was scared of killing people, including his enemies. He says that if he kills someone, the value of life will become unclear and he wouldn’t know the importance of his loved ones. So, that’s why killing is not always the right answer. But it is the right answer if someone kills for no reason at all.

It’s true that if you have no one dear to you by your side, there’s no meaning of life. You wouldn’t know the value of life. Everything becomes just super unclear.

37. Itadori Yuji Quote 5

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (7)

Itadori choosed the right sensei for him who is Gojo Sensei. Gojo really did call himself the strongest sorcerer. I’m mad because he’s right. And guess how he trained Itadori? Let me tell you, he trained him by making him watch “a gazillion movies”. HAHA! Isn’t that hilarious? Jk Jk, he trained our boy just right! Gojo has so many abilities including his physical strength, and some other powers. I wonder if his enemies also get mesmarized after watching his eyes.

We all want the best for us. Just like that, Itadori wanted the best and the strongest sensei for him. And that’s how the journey of their training begins. Want to know more about their wholesome relationship? Watch Jujutsu Kaisen!

36. Itadori Yuji Quote 6

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (8)

That’s our boys’ dark mode. Itadori after watching multiple people dying in front of him, including his grandfather, realized that people can really die. Now, he wants the bad people to die properly while paying the prices of their sins and the good people to die properly.

There are always two types of people. One is those who do bad and are bound to go to hell and should die in a bad way too. Then, we have those good people who shouldn’t taste a bad death. Instead, they should die in a proper way. That’s what Itadori was trying to say.

Gojo Satoru Quotes

Gojo Satoru is also one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s the mentor aka sensei of Yuji Itadori along with Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki, and many others. Anyways, he’s handsome and we all know that. Gojo Satoru calls himself the strongest person in the JJK world. WOOH!

35. Gojo Satoru Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (9)

Just our average sensei with a god-complex. HAHA! Jk jk, if he says he’s the strongest we should believe it. We can’t just distrust those eyes, right? I mean, where are my Gojo-lover girls? Despite the tough situation where Sukuna becomes a parasite to Itadori, Gojo didn’t get scared. It’s as if he has a hold on Sukuna. So, that’s why Gojo sensei didn’t get scared at all and reassured Itadori that he’s the strongest. Then again, who asked Itadori to swallow a cursed finger?

34. Gojo Satoru Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (10)

Gojo Sensei talks about why he decided to teach the school and what visions he had in his mind. It turns out that he wanted to raise strong comrades. That’s also why he tossed some of his missions towards his students. Is it just me or do you guys also think there’s some similarity between Kakashi and Gojo? Obviously except for the fact that they both cover their eyes. Ah man, they’re handsome! Anyways, Gojo sensei is one of the best sensei in anime history and you cannot change my mind!

33. Gojo Satoru Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (11)

During his fight with Jogo, he manipulated him and also tricked him! Do you guys remember how Jogo was tricked? It was really funny. And Gojo has these spatial superpowers and the powers of infinity. Isn’t that interesting? We all remember how Jogo actually took his hand out and decided to flirt with Gojo. HEHE! I’m just kidding but the fact that Jogo got tricked can’t be denied.

32. Gojo Satoru Quote 4

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (12)

Just our boy filled with god-complex. Gojo knew that Jogo isn’t that strong and he said that he could come to Gojo with all that he’s got. I mean, yes Gojo is strong and he weakened his opponent by saying that he’s weak right in front of him. So, there’s a life-lesson! If you want to defeat someone, even in a competition, you could say that you can’t do it like Gojo. (I’m surely going to hell for giving you guys messed up advices)

31. Gojo Satoru Quote 5

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (13)

Gojo teaches Megumi wisdom here. He says that dying to win and risking death to win are different. If you wish to win that’s a different thing but if you’re risking your own life to win, that’s different and pretty respectable. OOF, Gojo Sensei nailed it!

30. Gojo Satoru Quote 6

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (14)

It’s true that we shouldn’t always just blame everyone. One should be held accountable for their actions so that they understand the true essence of humanity’s capabilities. Isn’t that right?

29. Gojo Satoru Quote 7

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (15)

28. Gojo Satoru Quote 8

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (16)

*Pin-drop silence* What could he mean by that? If you guys know some spicy secrets, let us know in the comments down below, okay?

27. Gojo Satoru Quote 9

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (17)

I mean, where are the lies? We’re aware of the fact that Gojo along with his team, are literally unstoppable and are the best! Which team do you guys prefer from Jujutsu Kaisen? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below!

Kento Nanami Quotes

Kento Nanami is one of the supporting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s an upperclassman of Gojo and Geto. He’s also quite powerful and intellect. So, let’s get to know his words of wisdom. Are you guys ready?

26. Kento Nanami Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (18)

Well, okay. That is just a lot coming from someone who’s a jujutsu sorcerer himself. What are you talking about Nanami? Not all Jujutsu Sorcerers are the same. But yes most of them might be quite messed up. We believe in Nanami sensei! And yes, let’s not forget the fact that he studied at Jujutsu Tech. Oof! I wonder what makes him happy. Even after working and earning money, our boy wasn’t happy at all. In his quote above, you can see that he clearly curses it.

25. Kento Nanami Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (19)

OOF! I’m not crying, you are! I guess Nanami wasn’t happy with his job afterall. He explains the dark part of the society and how the money just transfers from here and there. Then he says that he has no importance in his work area. It’s just very sad if you think about it, right? It’s as if there’s no other purpose of life other than just earning money.

24. Kento Nanami Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (20)

These are the words of wisdom said by Nanami when Itadori explains how he wants everyone to taste a proper death. Meanwhile, Nanami has opposite visions for that. He thinks most of the people in this world are not good. Therefore, it’s useless to give everyone a proper death. That’s that.

23. Kento Nanami Quote 4

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (21)

Despair can ruin a person or maybe change his life. We never know, it depends on how you take it. If you’re willing to turn your life upside down by making despair your strength, then BOOM! Nobody can really stop you. Wise words Nanami!

Aoi Todo Quotes

Aoi Todo is also one of the supporting characters and the best friend of Yuji Itadori. They both get along super well especially because they have the same type of ideal women. HAHA! Jennifer Lawrence. Damn, she’s lucky! I wish they could’ve told us about Gojo’s ideal girl or something. I think the creator of Jujutsu Kaisen might really be into Jennifer Lawrence.

In fact, Aoi Todo befriends those who give him the correct answer to the question. “Who is your ideal type of woman?”. Since Itadori gave him the answer he was expecting, they both became friends and got closer despite belonging to opposite teams. Let’s see what this guy has to say!

22. Aoi Todo Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (22)

This was the moment two legends befriended. I’m not even kidding, the synergy between the two of them is super wholesome and cute. So, since they both were men of culture, they decided to become friends. We all know Aoi Todo is a wild beast who can beat anyone in seconds. Itadori is a softie but that’s the point. Opposite attract!

21. Aoi Todo Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (23)

After realizing the vibes between him and Itadori, they started fighting since they belonged to the opposite teams. Now, they start fighting and Aoi Todo explains that he’s not gonna hold back just because they’re best friends. And things get interesting as the story proceeds. If you’re into their relationship, then let’s go and watch Jujutsu Kaisen. I might re-watch it.

20. Aoi Todo Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (24)

OOF! These words hit hard! Like if someone you barely know has died, you don’t have the right to mourn. Only those people who have a connection with the dead have the right to mourn. Secondly, if people have died, that’s more of a reason to become stronger. We don’t have to become weak if someone has died. In fact, we should become powerful and not let such disasters happen again. That’s it.

Panda Quotes

Panda is also one of the supporting characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. By supporting I legit mean that he protects and supports everyone with his soft body. I mean, I wouldn’t mind falling on a panda, would you? Panda is a panda who doesn’t regret being a panda. Let me tell you about it in detail below. Let’s go!

19. Panda Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (25)

Yeah Panda, we don’t get it either. It actually depends on everyone. If someone is strong-willed they can easily achieve their goals. If someone is inconsistent, I bet they’ll get nowhere. However, it’s alright to take breaks which also depends upon how bad of a situation one is in.

In the world of JJK, everyone is fighting for their own lives, the lives of their loved ones. They are ready to risk their lives just to protect things.

Nobara Kugisaki Quotes

Nobara Kugisaki is one of the first women to be introduced into the series. She’s with the Jujutsu duo. By duo, I mean Fushiguro, Itadori. Nobara Kugisaki is literally the cutest girl in the series. Let’s see what she has to say about life and herself. *evil laughs*

18. Nobara Kugisaki Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (26)

There we go, Nobara with her attitude says that the boys, Itadori and Fushiguro should be glad since she’s the only girl in their group. I must say, she’s worth the attitude she gives. Isn’t that right? I bet you guys really loved Nobara Kugisaki. Let me know in the comments!

17. Nobara Kugisaki Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (27)

Just Nobara things. She has one hell of a bratty attitude but she’s worth it. Isn’t that right?

Maki Zenin Quotes

Maki Zenin is also one of the supporting characters in JJK. She’s one of the toughest girls in the anime. Maki Zenin is a very strong and blunt person. She isn’t scared to tell someone how she feels about them. If you’re one of those people who hides how they feel about others, then you should stay away from Maki. Maki is also one of the waifus in JJK but I think she should’ve been in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure since she’s very you know, tough?

16. Maki Zenin Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (28)

Maki Zenin is undoubtedly one of the most self-sufficient women in Jujutsu Kaisen. She’s headstrong, and very straightforward. Even though, she had to leave the clan under certain cicrumstances yet she’s just training herself to become the strongest and eventually the head of the Zenin clan.

Megumi Fushiguro Quotes

Do I even need to say anything about this boy? He’s the son of Toji Fushiguro. He’s on the same team as Itadori and Nobara. Yes, the crackhead group.

15. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (29)

Fushiguro is a good boy. He wants fairness and justice in every aspect of life. He really wants more good people to enjoy justice instead of evil dominating them. He gives out real mature boy vibes. That’s what I think about Megumi Fushiguro, what about you guys? Let us know in the comments what you think about Megumi!

14. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (30)

We all should learn things from Fushiguro. He’s definitely my second favorite character from Jujutsu Kaisen. He’s very mature, understandable, and sometimes a bit freaky.

13. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (31)

Fushiguro has always been self-sufficient. He is the type of guy who doesn’t really involve himself in trouble without any thought in his head. We all should be like Fushiguro, minding our own business. Isn’t that wonderful though? Whose type of guy is Fushiguro?

12. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 4

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (32)

Fushiguro to Itadori after he caused him trouble. Damn, our main characters always have to make things difficult for the supporting or the second main characters. If you agree then comment down below.

11. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 5

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (33)

Fushiguro has a point here. Like, what’s the point of saving someone if they’re going to kill you in near future. I just got goosebumps!

10. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 6

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (34)

It sounds like our boy has been through a lot and honestly, there are things that you don’t feel like doing all the time. If those things are necessary, then one must come out of their comfort zone to do them. If not then sit back and relax.

9. Megumi Fushiguro Quote 7

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (35)

Masamichi Yaga Quotes

Masamichi Yaga is the mentor of the Jujutsu Sorcerers. He’s the creator of panda and headmaster of Gojo. DAMN! He must be strong enough, right? He’s a stern individual with straightforward point of views on things. He’s proved to be a very useful mentor in the series.

8. Masamichi Yaga Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (36)

It’s the reality. We all wouldn’t be where we are right now without education. So, it surely makes us realize different things.

Wasuke Itadori Quotes

6. Wasuke Itadori Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (37)

5. Wasuke Itadori Quote 2

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (38)

4. Wasuke Itadori Quote 3

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (39)

3. Wasuke Itadori Quote 4

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (40)

Momo Nishimiya Quotes

2. Momo Nishimiya Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (41)

It’s true that men are considered strong and tough. However, women are said to be fragile and weak, So, is a woman supposed to show beauty only? Why are scars considered a flaw for women?

Toji Fushiguro Quotes

1. Toji Fushiguro Quote 1

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (42)

D-damn da-ddy? I mean, how charming can a person become!? Toji is the father of Megumi Fushiguro. He’s one wild being with boldness overflowing through his veins.


41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (43)

That’s it for Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog. These were literally some of the most powerful quotes taken from one of the best Shonen anime, Jujustu Kaisen. If you guys haven’t watched JJK, you really need to. Also, share this blog with your friends so that they can also enjoy, boil their blood and make imaginary enemies. HAHA, jk jk.

41+ POWERFUL Jujutsu Kaisen Quotes! (HQ) • iWA (2024)


What is the famous phrase in Jujutsu Kaisen? ›

Currently, “In all the heavens and the earth, I Alone Am The Honored One” is perhaps the most iconic line Satoru Gojo has ever spoken in Jujutsu Kaisen. While many might regard this line as arrogance on Gojo's part, the line is nothing but truth in regard to his unmatched power.

What is Satoru Gojo's best quote? ›

Satoru Gojo's 25 Best Quotes In Jujutsu Kaisen
  • The more you try to neutralize my technique, the stronger I'm forced to maintain my technique. ...
  • I get it. ...
  • You cryin'? ...
  • You're basically half a curse already. ...
  • Infinity exists everywhere. ...
  • I'm here to save you, Utahime!
Apr 5, 2024

What is the saddest quote from JJK? ›

"I'll always be by your side. You and I... we're one in the same." - Yuji Itadori to Junpei Yoshino. "I don't want to live a life where someone else is suffering because of me." - Yuji Itadori.

What is Yuta's famous line? ›

“What? It's just pure love.” Yuta's most famous and prominent quote, despite being so simple and short. Yuta confesses his love to Rika and with Rika's pure emotion turning into a high-powered cursed energy beam, Geto laughs at how ridiculous this is.

What is Itadori's famous line? ›

“I don't know how I'll feel when I'm dying, but I don't want to regret the way I lived!” – Yuji Itadori. Alright.

What was Gojo's last words? ›

In conclusion, the final words that Gojo uttered could be “you'll be lonely.” The Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade game's utilization of the hyphens led to a string of clues that were tied together.

Who is Gojo's favorite student? ›

Gojo has many students and I think he loves Yuji, Megumi and Yuta the most and even among then Megumi has to be the most loved by Satoru Gojo.

What is Gojo's full name? ›

Satoru Gojo was well received by the series' readers and critics. In a Viz Media popularity poll taken in March 2021, he was voted the most popular character in the franchise.

Who is the strongest in JJK verse? ›

Satoru Gojo is undoubtedly the most powerful sorcerer to appear in the story of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is introduced as a central character in the story in the first chapter of the manga and the first anime episode. Gojo is one of few Special Grade Sorcerers, and even among them, he is considered the very best.

What does Gojo fear? ›

gojo is scared of women.

What is the best quote from Maki Zenin? ›

5 Maki Zenin: "If I Had Stayed There At The Bottom, I Would've Hated Myself." Maki Zenin grew up facing the full brunt of the sorcery world's horrible inequality.

Who is Yuta's lover? ›

Yuta's love for Rika is shown directly through her transformation into a curse (later revealed as an unforeseen side-effect of Yuta's refusal to accept her death) and eventual freedom as he finally comes to accept her death.

What is Geto Suguru's famous line? ›

Suguru Geto: No matter what anyone says, I really hate those monkeys. But I never held any hatred for those in Jujutsu High. I just couldn't wear a heartfelt smile in this world. Suguru Geto: At least hit me with some curses at my end.

What does Geto call humans? ›

Suguru Geto hated non-sorcerers, usually referring to them as "monkeys".

What word does Sukuna have to say? ›

In exchange for bringing Yuji back to life, Sukuna will be able to fully use Yuji's body for one minute whenever he utters the word “Enchain”. A Binding Vow may be less flashy than the other cursed energy techniques like Domain Expansion or Reversed Cursed Technique.

What is Jujutsu Kaisen famous opening? ›

1 Opening One - Kakiai Kitan

The first-ever Jujutsu Kaisen opening is still the best one to date. It perfectly sets the backdrop for what kind of series this is. With the calm and mysterious song, Kakai Kitan perfectly conveys that you're in for a dark and gritty world and characters.

What was Toji Fushiguro's famous line? ›

We do not scare easily. We are American. We own the finish line.

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