Canadian Compensation Handbook

Canadian Compensation Handbook is the only compensation book in Canada written for the manager/executive who needs to set up a compensation program. This handy guide, at just over 300 pages, provides practical advice on how to set up and operate the right types of compensation plans for your business organization. It includes a complete point-factor job evaluation plan which uses factors such as working conditions, physical and mental effort, responsibilities, etc., as elements to measure the value of jobs relative to each other. Full instructions on how to adapt the plan to your organization, and use it most effectively are also included. Whether you're starting from scratch or modifying a current plan you can count on Canadian Compensation Handbook to deliver all the information you need to:

  • turn your compensation program into a competitive advantage
  • get your employees involved in setting up of a compensation program and understanding the benefits of doing so
  • gain insights into establishing a job evaluation plan
  • .... and much, much more!

Comprehensive Treatment of Essential Topics

Canadian Compensation Handbook also offers a comprehensive treatment of all the topics you need to consider when establishing your compensation program, including:

  • identify the needs of your organization
  • theories of motivation
  • pay the job vs. pay the person
  • job evaluation
  • involvement of employees
  • types of compensation plans
  • salary surveys
  • working conditions
  • group incentive plans
  • profit sharing
  • performance appraisals
  • pay equity
  • benefits
  • employment law
  • administrative aspects .... and more!

Book Reviews

Off the Shelf/Q&A By Lynn Mason HRProfessional Magazine June/July 2003 CANADIAN COMPENSATION HANDBOOK By David E. Tyson, CHRP Aurora Professional Press, a division of Canada Law Book Inc. $80.00 CDN, 2003 ISBN 0-88804-384-8 The Canadian Compensation Handbook is a practical guide by a human resources consultant and CHRP on how to set up and operate compensation plans for organizations. National in scope, David Tyson's book is a comprehensive, clearly written and easy-to-use work on a range of compensation topics such as incentive plans, benefits, salary programs, salary surveys, profit sharing, gain sharing, pay equity and so on. It also includes practical examples, checklists and charts, as well as a complete point-factor evaluation plan to measure the value of jobs relative to each other, with instructions on how to adapt the plan to your organization. The Canadian Compensation Handbook comes with a CD-ROM of sample forms, documents, plans, tables, charts, checklists and spreadsheets, all of which can be customized to suit your business needs. With a minimum of theory and a maximum of practicality, Tyson has produced a timely, useful guide on compensation.

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