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This Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail is another member of the Collins Family. The addition of grapefruit as an ingredient makes this twist even more refreshing, enhancing the citrus flavor of the drink.

Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (1)

The Grapefruit Pisco Collins falls in line with the many other new variations of the Collins co*cktail Family, like the Pepito Collins (made with Tequila) or theSandy Collins(made with Scotch).

It is a refreshing, citrusy concoction, perfect for a hot summer day and similar to a Pisco Punch. The addition of grapefruit juice brings in extra freshness and some bitter notes. Let's see how to make a Grapefruit Collins with Pisco:

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Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (2)

Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail

A South American twist on the classic Collins co*cktail with a refreshing bittersweet touch from fresh grapefruit.

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Prep Time: 5 minutes minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes minutes

Course: Drinks

Cuisine: Latin American

Keyword: grapefruit, lemon juice, Pisco, soda water

Servings: 1

Calories: 223kcal

Cost: $2.60



  • 2 oz Pisco
  • 0.75 oz Lemon juice - freshly squeezed
  • 0.5 oz Simple syrup
  • 2 slices Fresh grapefruit
  • 1.5 oz Soda water
  • Grapefruit twist orslices and mint sprig - for garnish


  • Put two grapefruit slices into your shaker and muddle them gently.

  • Put ice cubes and grapefruit slices into your co*cktail glass and set it aside for a minute.

  • Add ice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Pisco, and simple syrup to your co*cktail shaker and shake until the tins feel cool.

  • Strain your drink into the prepared glass and top it up with soda water.

  • Garnish your Pisco Collins with another grapefruit slice and a mint sprig. Cheers.


Serving: 4.9ozCalories: 223kcalCarbohydrates: 13gProtein: 0.13gFat: 0.11gSaturated Fat: 0.01gSodium: 13mgPotassium: 69mgSugar: 11.8gVitamin C: 11mgCalcium: 21mgIron: 0.05mg

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What are Collins co*cktails?

Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (3)

Collins co*cktails all follow the same template of ingredients:

  • Base spirit
  • lemon juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Soda water

The first Collins co*cktail documented was the John Collins in the early 1800s, followed by the Tom Collins. Both drinks were gin co*cktails made with different types of gin.

The general approach is quite similar to a Gin Fizz, and the ingredients are, in fact, the same. But Collins co*cktails are served and prepared differently. Over the past two centuries, more and more Collins drinks developed, all following the same formula.

If you want to know more about this type of classic co*cktail, there's a whole article aboutthe Collins co*cktail category.

Ingredients of the Grapefruit Pisco Collins

Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (4)

It goes without saying that this variation of the Pisco Collins also follows the template mentioned above: spirit base, syrup, lemon, and soda. Instead of the classic gin base, we use Pisco and the grapefruit component adds a nice twist to the template.

  • Pisco: The grape spirit native to Peru and Chile is best known for its use in a Pisco Sour. It usually tastes fruity with a distinct grape note and is relatively smooth.Peruvian Pisco and Chilean Piscoare not the same. But in co*cktails like this Grapefruit Pisco Collins, the differences are negligible.
  • Grapefruit: To make a grapefruit Collins, we need some fresh juice. Grapefruit juice from red or pink grapefruit is ideal in this drink recipe. It's enough to take two grapefruit slices and muddle them in your shaker.
  • Lemon: Freshly squeezed lemon juice is best in this refreshing co*cktail. You can also use lime juice alternatively.
  • Simple syrup: Standard syrup (1 part water to 1 part sugar) works great, is easy to make at home, and adds subtle sweetness to the drink.
  • Chilled soda water: Soda water is essential to make any Collins co*cktail. Chill it in your fridge for a few hours to ensure it's ice cold.
  • Garnish: A grapefruit twist or a grapefruit slice works excellent as a decoration for this drink.

Steps to Make a Grapefruit Pisco Collins

A Collins co*cktail has its own signature glass called Collins glass. This slim and tall glass is ideal to keep the carbonation of the soda water for a longer time. Here's how you make the co*cktail recipe:

  1. Fill a co*cktail glass with fresh ice (Collins glass preferred).
  2. Add pisco, lemon juice, simple syrup, and grapefruit slices in a co*cktail shaker and muddle the grapefruit slices to release juice.
  3. Add ice and shake for 8-12 seconds.
  4. Strain into the ice-filled glass and top with chilled club soda or regular soda water.

A Quick Primer on Pisco

Pisco is a grape spirit hailing from Peru and Chile and is a sub-type of brandy. It usually tastes fruity and relatively smooth. -Especially when compared to grape spirits like Grappa, which has a strong alcoholic bite.

Generally, the alcohol content of most Piscos ranges between 38 and 48%, quite similar to other popular spirit bases for Collins co*cktails.

If you want to try Peruvian Pisco, Cuatro Gallos is a brand I can recommend. Alto de Carmen is a great choice for the Pisco Collins when you look for a Chilean Pisco.

Other co*cktails with Grapefruit

Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (5)

If you have some spare grapefruits after mixing the Pisco Collins, here are some other drinks you can mix with the bittersweet, pink fruit:

  • Mezcal Paloma: a smoky twist on the classic Paloma co*cktail that is just as refreshing as the Collins co*cktails. Another
  • Cantarito: Another Mexican co*cktail recipe made with several citrus fruits and Tequila.
  • Sea Breeze co*cktail: A beautiful mix of vodka, grapefruit, and cranberry juice.

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Easy Grapefruit Pisco Collins co*cktail Recipe | co*cktail Society (2024)
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