Our Consulting Services

We specialize in the field of total rewards - compensation, benefits and related human resource management topics. This broad definition includes, but is not restricted to, the following services:


  • salary administration
  • job evaluation
  • performance management
  • profit sharing
  • productivity gainsharing
  • benefit surveys
  • job descriptions
  • salary surveys
  • incentive plans
  • stock plans
  • pay equity in Ontario


  • organizational analysis
  • organizational design
  • executive search
  • executive coaching

Why You Should Review Your Rewards Programs

Pay is the essence of the contractual relationship between the employer and the employee. I use the term "pay" in the broadest sense to encompass all the rewards that the employee gains from the employment relationship. This means the usual range of salary, fringe benefits, other cash compensation such as bonuses, commissions, profit sharing and vacations, holidays and life insurance. However, in our consulting we include other aspects of the employment contract such as job design, training, promotions, job sharing and flextime definition.

The purpose of our consulting services is to provide you with pay systems that will be fundamentally sound in terms of basic design but will also allow you to include those previously used and new leading edge systems or programs that will make the difference between attracting average and outstanding candidates to join your company. Why is this important? Why bother? The standard argument is that pay is a basic and really doesn't make much difference! However, in the 21st century, the traditional factors that gave a company a competitive advantage have ceased to matter. Such criteria as physical location, technical patents, bigger factories, proximity to natural resources, access to transportation routes and facilities; and/or ability to raise financing are nowhere near as important as they used to be.

The difference between success and hypergrowth is the ability and motivation of the people that work for you. The growth engine of the economy in that last fragment of the twentieth century is what Nuala Beck calls: "the new economy". This includes such industries as electronics, commuter services, telecommunications, business services and health care. One of the major characteristics that will separate the winners from the losers in these industries in the new economy is the quality of people that they employ. The focus of our consulting is to design and implement "pay" systems that will give you the ability to hire, motivate and retain the best employees available. We intend to make your pay systems, by themselves, become a competitive advantage.

IF YOU THINK YOU NEED A CONSULTANT in any of the above areas Dave Tyson can meet with you to discuss the situation, and if required, will provide you with a detailed, written proposal concerning the project. This service is complimentary.