HR Manager’s Guide To Profit Sharing In Canada

HR Manager’s Guide to Profit Sharing in Canada is a practical guide to designing and implementing a profit-sharing plan in your company, with little or no help from external advisors.

  • explains how to involve, motivate and reward employees - and improve corporate performance - without increasing fixed costs;
  • covers types of plans; how to decide which employees are eligible; how to divide up the profits among them; tax advantages and implications, communication to employees, plan administration and much more;
  • explains all the issues in clear, non-technical language;
  • includes helpful checklists of topics that need to be discussed and reviewed at each stage of design and implementation;
  • provides sample plans and a resource list of organizations to contact for further information and professional help;
  • includes a CD containing spreadsheets of various allocation formulas readers can use to calculate "what-if" scenarios.

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Canadian Compensation Handbook

Canadian Compensation Handbook is the only compensation book in Canada written for the manager/executive who needs to set up a compensation program. This handy guide, at just over 300 pages, provides practical advice on how to set up and operate the right types of compensation plans for your business organization. It includes a complete point-factor job evaluation plan which uses factors such as working conditions, physical and mental effort, responsibilities, etc., as elements to measure the value of jobs relative to each other. Full instructions on how to adapt the plan to your organization, and use it most effectively are also included.

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